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About Jackie


My name is Jackie Arch. I am not only a fashion designer, but I am also you, a woman with strong principle, ideas and passions. I love to be me, comfortable and stylish in jeans and a white t-shirt, but also so excited to dress up for an elegant evening out with my friends. I want to be real and have others see me for who I am and can be.

I have always loved working with design, fashion and art. BeltEnvy offers the opportunity to make art wearable fashion for all women. As well, BeltEnvy allows me to give back to extraordinary causes that are important to me and the community. I am committed to sharing BeltEnvy both with causes that make a difference, and all women who have a strong sense of style and purpose.

The concept of BeltEnvy is simple and direct. Staying true to my ideas of classic style and elegance, I want BeltEnvy to offer an expression of individuality and style. Taking the belt buckle from a simple accessory to a wearable art form is at the heart of our design concept. I see BeltEnvy as an expression of me, but more important, an expression of the radiant spirit of all women who have the confidence to express themselves with passion, purpose and fun. Wear a BeltEnvy buckle with pride, confidence and style. Let it speak for you.

Jackie Arch



About BeltEnvy